30 December 2007

Going, going, gone!

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely reinvigorated. Ah, vigor, it is truly the spice of life! With my new found vigor, I decided to eat my first meal in days at the Everest Steak House. Hearing a familiar, almost magical, sound coming from behind the host's counter, I was delighted to see two world championship matches in a row, one which pit an also reinvigorated Chris Jericho against heavyweight champion and ruffian Randy Orton; the other was a "triple-threat" match featuring Edge (plus two clones?!) and Batista attempting to make the Undertaker (!) look good. Even I have the occasional weakness for such entertainments, and nostalgia, when so long deprived.

I got my trailhead bus ticket changed for tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. This time, I am absolutely, definitely, officially, positively, really going! "See you" in about three weeks! Happy New Year!

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