20 February 2008

Green Party still exists!

Just one more note: I should be keeping better track of these things, but in my apathy I didn't notice until now that the Green Party does indeed have a Presidential candidate this year, or at least it will once its own round of primaries are over. Ralph Nader is one of the contenders, but so is Cynthia McKinney, a former Democratic representative from Georgia. I suppose it's too late for me to do other than wait for a decision on this, but I wanted to let my faithful readers (most Obama supporters, no doubt, who now hate me once again for supporting a potential election-theft from an even more popular candidate than, time-travel with me for some ironic irony here, Al Gore) know that there ARE other parties and other options. Visit www.gp.org for more information.

Obama has a good story and says all the right things, but that only proves just how dangerous a figure he is. As for Hillary, I can only say this: her daughter, who was no doubt instilled with a heavy dose of Clinton values, and is now campaigning among "young people" for mom, works for a New York hedge fund. Seriously, if you really love these liberal capitalists so much, why don't we just install the two founders of Google as Godkings for Life of Planet Earth and get it over with? They're going to take over anyway, and their own mission statement, which we can adopt as the Constitution of the World, is to "Do good" or some crap like that.

Go Greens!

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