20 February 2008

I'm going to go Sundarban-anas!

Sorry for the lame joke, but where there's an opportunity, I CANNOT RESIST.

And it makes me think of Arrested Development (remember the frozen banana stand?). I heard recently that talks are in progress for a movie. Sounds like good news to me, though I'd prefer a completed third season plus infinity more seasons after. But I'll take what I can get.

Bangladeshi men, I have noticed, are always wearing really cool designer shirts. Since they're dirt poor, I have to wonder where they're buying them, though I'd need to resist buying a thousand myself. Now I understand: many Western labels do their manufacturing here. The result? $200 button-downs for the stylishly-dressed in the US, farmers and rickshaw-drivers with the same one for a dollar, plus longgyi or Calvin Klein jeans, all liberally coated with dirt, in Bangladesh. What a world.

Today marks my sixth month travel-versary. You can't say sixth month anniversary, like annoying couples do, because anni- means "year". So, annoying couples, stop saying it! I started traveling on August 19, 2007. I can't believe I'm only HALF WAY through the thing. It feels much longer. Almost forever. Not that I'm tired yet...

Anyway, the computer here in Khulna is really slow, so I'm not sticking around. Today, I went to World Heritage Bagerhat. Bagerhat means "a bunch of semi-interesting mosques" in Bangla (not really). Tonight, I board the M.L. Bon Bibi, and tomorrow I begin my four day tour of the Sundarbans. Please pray to your god(s) that I am not devoured by the wildlife.

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