03 October 2007


私の日本の友人に、私はこのポストの低質のために謝るが、日本人をここにタイプインしてない従って私はオンライン訳者を使用しなければならない。とにかく私がMachu Picchu で日本の人々に会った報告するために、私は刺激される! 私および私がそれらの日のほとんどの出費の上で終わったと同時に午前中入口にそれらの4 つがあった。それはスペイン語の代りに日本語を話す救助実際にだった! 私はどの位楽しみを日本の人々と時を過ごすべきであるか忘れていた。それらの1 つは私を東京の彼のアパートにとどまるように誘った。そのようなすばらしい友人があることへのあなたのすべてのおかげで。

(For English speakers, here is the reverse translation. I invite you to figure it out: I apologize to my Japanese friend, for inferior of this post, but the Japanese type in is not done here and therefore I must use the online translator. In any case, in order I met to the Japanese people with Machu and Picchu to report, I am stimulated! When I and me ended in regard to most expense of those days, those 4 Tsugas it was simultaneously in the entrance during morning. That was the rescue which speaks Japanese in Spanish place really! I which rank pleasure should pass the Japanese people and the time, whether, you had forgotten. Those one in order to be restricted to that apartment of Tokyo, invited me. That way with your all favor to the thing which is the rose forcing friend who is formed.)

Basically: I met Japanese people at Machu Picchu!! I spent most of the day with them! I got to speak Japanese! And it was actually a relief from speaking Spanish all the time! And they were great!

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