06 October 2007

Remember the Rainbows

Writing this blog (is that proper English now?) has been a challenge for me, because I want to include everything, and I always forget some detail that seems so important at the time. When I was hiking at Choquequirao, for instance, we turned to look behind us at a scenic point and saw a complete rainbow arcing its way across the river from ice-capped peaks on the left to cloud forested cliffs on the right. Stuff like that. Today, my Irish friend Maeve and I took a tour bus from Cuzco to Puno, on Lake Titicaca. I was expecting something a bit more interesting than what we got, but I did see a pretty church interior (the "Sistine Chapel" of South America, but boy is that analogy pushing limits) and an Incan ruin that looks like a Roman aquaduct. The important thing is, we finally got the hell of Cuzco. Some people don't. Tomorrow, it looks like we'll see the lake and then plunge into Bolivia. At some subsequent point, we'll have to figure out when we're parting company, so she can visit the jungle and I can visit that German man in Cochabamba. I'm looking forward to Bolivia, especially what with the dollar is doing. Maeve has recently come back from Nepal and India, where I'm headed soon enough, and said it's pretty easy to get by there on $200/month. I can't even imagine that, but I'm certainly fantasizing about it.

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