05 October 2007

My Day of Rest

I wasn't too enthusiastic, after the whole vomiting thing, to rush out of Cuzco in the early morning, so today I bought a ticket to Puno on the shore of Lake Titicaca, to which I head tomorrow. I went to that school again, too, and watched the kids do their weekly singing performance. Very cute.

I forget to mention that last night, a nice Mexican guy I met on top of Wayna Picchu treated me to dinner with his family at the nicest restaurant in Cuzco. The octopus was especially good. He also invited me to stay at the hotel he owns north of Mexico City. I looked at his web site, and the cheapest room goes for $1000+/night. I think it's a converted palace. He said I can stay for as long as I want, too, and that he likes having a varied clientele because most of his customers are business travelers visiting the nearby Colgate factory. Since my hotel rooms usually cost $3/night, I am curious to see what it's like in the stratosphere. More importantly, he and his family were lovely, charming people, and it's always a pleasure to meet lovely, charming people whether or not they own hotels.

That's all for now. Don't worry about me, people! Episodes of vomiting in the morning followed by sumptuous meals in the evening are what traveling is all about. I shall write again from Titicaca. Ha ha, Titicaca..

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