16 April 2008

Frequent flyer?

I just read that most US airlines are going to start charging a $25 fee for additional checked bags after the first on all domestic flights, the bastards. So travelers, beware: it is becoming more important than ever to pack light. Their next policy change will be to institute a fee per pound for obese passengers. Naturally, this will impact the US market quite severely.

It seems noteworthy to mention that I have spotted numerous Orthodox Jews ambling around Rishikesh, hanging up signs. I can scarcely imagine what these bearded, black-hatted, betassled fellows, who appear to have stepped through a magic portal in Jerusalem, are doing.

It seems amusing to mention that, since my ashram closes at 9:30 pm, in order to get inside most nights, I have to basically break in by climbing onto the roof from the adjacent building.

Today or tomorrow, I'll be taking my final yoga class in India. My forward bends still suck, but I can just about grab my toes now. My chakrasana, however, is awesome: I think I'll be able to bend backward and grab my heels for full wheel pose before long. Then I can just roll to exotic destinations rather than paying expensive airfares. Sugoi!

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Jhenn said...

Well, hopefully this will still hold true after the complete NWA/Delta merger but I get my 2nd bag free because I have elite status. I flew home from Japan first class because there was no addition charge, and when in first class you can check a 3rd bag for free! woopee!