14 April 2008

Sorry for the delay

I wrote a long second part to my Vietnamese adventures yesterday, but I accidentally deleted it before it could be posted. Demoralized, I haven't felt like doing any blogging since. I may do a rewrite tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, I can happily report that I can hold head stand for a minute and shoulder stand for at least five minutes. I also shaved my head again. Since I've got you, I might as well tell you my current schedule, which is as firm as the credit used for the plane tickets I've already purchased:

20 April - flight Delhi, India to Dubai
travel Dubai, Oman, Yemen

2 May - flight Sana'a, Yemen to Yerevan, Armenia
travel Armenia, Georgia, cross into Turkey, continue in westerly direction

~~figure out what to do between Turkey and Spain~~

30 July - flight Barcelona, Spain to New York JFK

Please plan your lives accordingly.

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