11 April 2008

White Album

Yesterday, I visited the former ashram of the Maharishi Maheshyogi, where the Beatles once stayed to practice transcendental meditation. I dangerously snuck in the back way (thanks, Chelsea!) so I wouldn't have to bribe the guard. It's a huge, huge place--almost a mini-city--that was once self-sustaining but is now abandoned and slowly being consumed by the forest: a vision of the future? The site is peppered with weirdly-shaped meditation huts, including the little cells where John, Paul, George, and Ringo wrote the White Album, so it is said. Strange but spookily beautiful place.

That's all I feel like writing today.


くれくれ厨 said...

金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン

The Steve said...

My first piece of Japanese porn-spam! I will treasure it always.