23 August 2007


Last night, I took an overnight sleeper bus up from Lima to Huaraz, in the province of Ancash. Ancash is awesome because it contains the word "cash", which everyone likes. When I leave, I am going to say in front of as many people as possible, "I have just cashed Ancash!" Only I will find this amusing, but I'm doing it anyway. I met an Israeli guy on the bus, and we hit it off pretty well, so we're going to go trekking together. The plan is to do an 8 or 9 day circuit in the Cordillera Huayhuash, where occurred the events of Touching the Void. This trek will be the highlight of my trip, much more so than Mucho Turisto Picchu. I, however, won't be touching any voids. We have to rent burros or something. I washed my pants today for the first time. They're already dry! Awesome!