25 August 2007

Another day, another lake

I just woke up at my lovely $3/night hotel and had a breakfast that also cost $3. Not an expensive country, this Peru. I´ve had to delay my departure for the mountains because the agency we finally settled on couldn´t get everything ready at 6 pm last night--not surprisingly. So today the Israeli guy and I are going to do another acclimatization hike up to another mountain lake at 3800 meters. We depart for the real thing tomorrow morning at 5 am. Groan. The altitude sickness medication is making my fingers tingle. It also causes excessive urination and impotence. I saw an Asian lady in the computer room at my hotel. Unfortunately she wasn´t Japanese, but she might join our hike, possibly lowering costs, which is even more exciting.

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Ferran said...

hola amigo! estoy en senegal, con mi nuevo trabajo. oye, no dejes de probar la AYAHUASCA en la selva de peru! it's an amazing experience. if you go to iquitos let me know. i think i can lead you to someone you can trust.