12 November 2007

Thanks for your comments

But I can't respond to them. I think Communist China allows you to post to your blog, but it doesn't allow you to read said blog.. so I have been unable to write my usual witty retorts. Anyway, not much of grave consequence to report of the last few days. I visited the Summer Palace, which looks like every Chinese structure I've seen in the US except it's in China. I went to the "famous" Donghuamen night market where, in addition to the ubiquitous meat on a stick, you can also savour grilled scorpion, centipede ("very good! you try! how many?! two?"), cricket (?), other large fat insects, snake, dog, sea urchin, squid, octopus, and Buddha knows what else. I opted out of the insect category, but I did try the lamb. I also had duck at a "famous" Peking Duck restaurant, so, my vegetarian friends, I apologize for lapsing. Karmic revenge was visited back upon me later that night, though, when I got a little queasy. Too much meat!

What else? Well, I did forget to mention that I got to name a Chinese person. Remember that evangelical Christian girl I met on the train to Tianjin? When I asked her her name, she said "Coco". The thing is, Chinese names are just about impossible for Westerners to pronounce. Seriously, I tried. It's harder than in Japan. So young people here often pick English names. Seemingly at random. I decided I had to do "Coco" a favor and politely explained to her that, as she is neither a world-renowned fashion designer nor a dog, she should never tell an English-speaking person that her name is "Coco" if she doesn't want them cracking jokes behind her back. Given that she is Biblically-minded (is "Coco" the name of a prophet I haven't heard of?), she wanted a name from the good book, so I thought Rebecca would be a nice alternative. And she loved it! She seemed to remember that Rebecca was a beautiful woman, too (?), so that sweetened the deal. I thought maybe she was the wife of Isaac, but I forget. Anyway, she thanked me profusely for renaming her when we parted. I was proud, too. I haven't gotten to name a living thing since my cat Tiger.

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Anonymous said...

How utterly messianic: Don't you feel a little bit like Adam? I think you forget that you once renamed my cat marlowe "Mr Buttons!"; we have forgiven you. Kit Marlowe has not.

Glad you are still alive!
Sorry I missed you in NYC. I was unwell.
Will be in London Semi-permanently starting February. Come stay with Us when you re-enter the occident