24 November 2007

Tianjin Days note

For fans of my Tianjin Days post, and I gather there is at least one, I have recently edited it after noticing that my hilarious bracketed stage directions, now parenthesized, were ignored by Blogger as comments. Please now feel free to amuse yourselves.

And to add something else of substance to this post, I must confess that I actually bought something at the Tianjin Wal-mart, much to my disgrace. On only my second day in China, I lost my coveted Neutrogina Oil-Free Sunblock--a superior product, which I bought for peanuts in Lima, Peru. Figuring I could buy anything in China, I searched all the relevant shops in Tianjin but only managed to come up with something from Nivea. I really don't know why I am even sharing this. But losing those small things, those prized products we have grown to love--it stings.

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