27 March 2008

I am New7Wondersful!!!!!!!

Hey chumps, I just realized that as of today, I (unlike you) have seen all the "new" seven wonders of the world, which are:

Angkor Wat*
Chichen Itza
Great Wall of China
Maccu Picchu
Taj Mahal

So allow me to take this opportunity, unusual for me, humble guy that I am, to BOAST!


There. Thank you. Sorry, my friends. You aren't really chumps. Bye.

*Angkor Wat is not actually an official wonder. Neither are the Pyramids, as you can see. But I've seen them both, and they certainly kick Christ Redeemer's ass. I do not acknowledge that so-called "wonder" (more like.. plunder!). For what it's worth, I saw a bigger one in Cochabamba anyway.

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