12 March 2008

I Love Puducherry


OK, enough lame posts and off-color humor. Here's what's going on:

I arrived in Puducherry/Pondicherry two evenings ago, and met up with Sebastien, a Frenchman who works here (only a coincidence that Pondicherry used to be a French colony). He lives out near Auroville (about which more is forthcoming) and kindly indulged my request to couchsurf at his place. During my first day here, it rained! So I sat in a cafe all day drinking fancy coffees and doing my taxes. This morning, it started raining again, worrying me. You see, my friends, because I am a Master Planner, I organized my travel schedule around all the rainy seasons in the world I might happen to pass through, so that, it has only rained on my parade twice in the last seven months. But, my fears were unfounded, my ego assuaged, because the sun eventually did come out--with a vengeance. When it cools off, I guess I'll wander around Pondicherry's delightful French colonial neighborhood, trying to avoid the less delightful motorbikes and auto rickshaws swarming around the place, as everywhere else in India.

Do you see now why I resort to filler?

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