12 March 2008

Love the 'stache

Women of India: do you really like those thick, dust-broom mustaches half the men here sport?


bradley said...

Little did you know, in your travels you would also encounter the Seven UNESCO Mysteries of the World, of which this is one.

kajori said...

This is interesting: facial hair in India has traditionally been a symbol of virility. Indian sepoys in the British army often laughed at their unshaven British officers. Today, the police in Madhya Pradesh are being paid (30 rupees a month) to grow moustaches, bosses feel it will earn them greater respect. In cities though, more and more young men are opting for the unshaven "metrosexual" look. Apparently, someone has even made a film on the sociology of the moustache in India. Fascinating, isn't it? And no, hawaldar moustaches are definitely no turn on!