08 September 2007


EEG, MRI, CAT... I´m getting everything done to make sure there isn´t anything wrong with me, and I´ve been so preoccupied with my health this last week, I feel like I´m leaving out the more interesting details of my trip, like the awesome fact that I ate with chopsticks one night in the Huayhuash (thanks, Ryoko!). I am back in Lima, by the way, and the guy who owns my hotel was nice enough to drive me around to all the clinics today. It´s starting to look like the cause of my seizures was altitude sickness, though nothing is showing up on any of my tests yet. They´re just costing me a lot of money (A LOT OF MONEY), though perhaps only a fraction of what they would cost back home, and my travel insurance might even pay for them. I´m stuck here at least until Monday night, so tomorrow I´m going to read my Paul Theroux book, Dark Star Safari. I went to the Museo de Nacion today in between appointments. I saw the usual assortment of pottery and textiles from long vanished civilizations. To keep things interesting, I may start blogging about prior trips, too.

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