13 September 2007


I just found out that Bolivia has just stupidly decided to implement stringent visa requirements for US citizens, this the product of the sound economic policy of spite. It may be shocking news, but the United States doesn't make it a cakewalk for citizens of developing countries to visit (and we are hardly alone in that respect). Starting December 1st, Bolivia will be making it virtually impossible for American budget travelers like myself to go there. In order to obtain a visa, we'll not only have to pay the egregious fee of $134, but we'll also have to present proof of economic solvency, a clean criminal record (in what language?), a document of sponsorship or some other record establishing our place(s) of residence during our entire stay, proof of yellow fever vaccination, and whatever else citizens of other "Category 3" nations like Iraq, Sudan, and Somalia have to produce. So I suppose I have to go there now and make the most of it before it'll be virtually guaranteed I won't be going there in the future. That is, if the country's government hasn't collapsed by the time I get to the border, as it is currently in the process of doing.

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