15 September 2007

Let me buy you an alpaca sweater

Seriously, I can get you something nice and handmade for around $10. I can't carry too many so this offer is on a first-come, first-serve basis as a special gift for my regular readers. Give me some idea of what you want (size, color, pattern, style, whatever), and I'll do my best to find something appropriate. The sweaters are very nice, very soft, very warm, and alpaca hair doesn't contain lanolin, so they don't itch, either. If you've got money to burn, I can get you something made of the rare and coveted vicuña wool. Those won't be $10. Gloves, scarves, and other items are also available. Email me while I'm feeling generous, and email me soon.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you see if you can get these sweaters thru customs.
I remember in my Navy days some items like this were not allowed for fear of insect infestation.

The Steve said...

I don't think there's any cause for alarm. Millions of tourists flow through the Andean nations every year, most of them toting home tens of millions of alpaca sweaters. Quite a lot of the stuff for sale here is designer quality and gets exported, too. Also, US customs is a joke.