09 September 2007

In Peru, they eat raw fish!

I spoiled myself today. I figured that a nice meal in Lima is the least I could do to assuage my constant pain, light-headedness, and uncertainty. So I went to a ceviche restaurant in one of the tonier neighborhoods (so as not to add food poisoning to my list of maladies). Ceviche is seafood that is "cooked" by being marinated in lime juice. I ordered two generous helpings, one Mexican style with guacamole, the other with octopus. The food was excellent and, even with drinks and taxes, still less than $20 for everything. The acidity was a bit rough on my tongue, which I bit through during one of the seizures, but still worth it. To save money, I walked the 5 km from my hotel to the restaurant, and I am just now on my way back. I have nothing else to do, anyway. I am really getting into this Paul Theroux book. In its way, it is helping me cope with my little crisis. I should have mentioned that I traded in Devin´s copy of Midnight´s Children at the California Cafe in Huaraz to get it. Thanks, Devin!

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