07 September 2007

Huayhuash Day 6-7

Ok, I am really starting to forget details now. It must be the seizures. I believe we crossed a fairly impressive meadow on Day 6 that I dubbed the Valle de Guano because it was just covered in sheep and cow patties. It was around this time that I also took it upon myself to gather the burros in the morning. I got cold just standing around, and it gave me something to do. But those donkeys were so stubborn sometimes, and I was worried they might kick me. We arrived in camp fairly early on Day 7, after our second 5000 m pass, so I decided to build a cairn. The first drink is on me the next time I see the first person who can guess why I built a cairn. Hint: this should be really easy for people who know me well. Post your answer here as a comment.

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