25 September 2007


This is my packing list, for those who might consider going on their own round-the-world journey. Asterisked items are things I will probably ditch before the next segment.


large backpack w/daypack (4800 cu. in., 78 L)
waterproof backpack cover
1 large stuff sack
sleeping bag liner, silk
Lonely Planet guidebook(s)
reading material (various)
1 wool sweater
1 long sleeve button-down hemp shirt
1 short sleeve button-down hemp shirt*
2 thermal silk undershirts*
1 Patagonia thin long sleeve layer
1 Patagonia medium thickness long sleeve layer
1 short sleeve quick dry sports shirt
1 pair thermal long underpants
1 T-shirt*
2 pairs trekking pants
2 silk boxer shorts
1 pair silk briefs
1 pair hemp briefs*
2 pairs short trekking socks
3 pairs long trekking socks
1 laundry bag (usually just a plastic bag)
1 waterproof, windproof jacket
1 pair waterproof, windproof pants
1 alpaca hat
1 pair alpaca gloves
1 pair knee braces*
1 hemp sun hat
1 pair walking shoes with Superfeet insoles
1 pair Crocs
1 bathing suit
1 hemp towel
1 pair trekking poles
sleep mask
bag of disposable earplugs
sunglasses w/case and wipe
glasses w/case and wipe
small solar calculator
travel chopsticks (thanks, Ryoko!)
photocopy of passport and birth certificate (also scanned and stored in Gmail)
extra passport photos
other travel documents (e.g. yellow fever vaccination certificate, international driver's license)
pharmaceutical prescriptions
hand sanitizer
Pilot P-500 gel ink pen
travel tissues
wet wipes
toilet paper (sometimes, cause I can just steal it)
camping utensils
organic laundry detergent (either bar or small, water soluble pouches)
universal sink stopper
disposable camera
1 toiletries bag w/mirror
Harrod's hand towel
toothbrush w/cover
Gillette Mach-3 razor w/cartridges and case from 18th birthday
shaving oil, very small container
deodorant, stick
organic soap made by Aikido sensei w/case
shampoo+conditioner, small bottle
shower puff
contact lenses, 3 mo. supply (=1 yr. for me)
2 contact lens cases
nose hair clippers
medical tape
rubber gloves (I don't know why, but now I'm afraid to toss them)
Benodryl stick for insect bites
medicinal creams (e.g. Neosporin, Cortazone)
moisturizer cream
Neutrogina Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 45 (I've seen SPF 90 in Peru!!)
insect repellent
blister kit w/Compeed plasters and moleskin
duct tape
travel pillow
nylon cord
travel alarm clock
Pacsafe with combination lock
luggage locks
1 Nalgene bottle with Campmor logo
Steripen water prefilter
Steripen ultraviolet water purifier
Swiss Army knife
small sewing kit (which I can't use)
spare batteries
Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic)
Diamox (for altitude sickness)
Doxycycline (for malaria)
credit cards
debit card
driver's license
International Student ID (ISIC) Card
scuba diving certification card
traveler's checks
cash (esp. small bills)
1 small notebook
1 Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Does it seem like a lot?

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Jhenn said...

I think you can squeeze a little more in there!